i School of the South POLICIES

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i School of the South POLICIES
by Admin User - Monday, March 15, 2021, 3:04 PM

  i School of the South Policies

1. All iSchool of the South(iss) activities must be approved by the School Administrator for instructor and /or student participation.

2. Prerequisite requirements will be determined by the Administrator/Guidance counselor of the perspective student’s school.

3. All ISS courses will have at least 10 lessons and no more than 12 lessons.

4. Tests may be proctored or online with appropriate supervision.

5. Textbooks or other materials required for a course will be determined by the ISS instructor. The student is responsible for obtaining the books for the class.

6. Course completion time will be a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 9 weeks. (Beginning the date of the first login )

7. Student progress may be monitored by school and /or parents (use user name and password of student). .

8. i School of the South cost for ½ unit will be $199 plus textbooks or other required materials.

9. Enrollment procedure will be as follows:

(A) Interested students will email the ISS coordinator at ischoolsouth@gmail.com requesting to enroll in a course or requesting that a specific course be offered. Students should check the iss.crhosts.com for course offering.

(B) The student must obtain permission from his/her school to participate in the course and request that the school email the ISS coordinator indicating permission has been granted and that the school  agrees to accept iss courses as makeup coursework for credit. (ischoolsouth@gmail.com )


(C) The ISS instructor will be contacted and given student information.

(D) The student will pay the appropriate amount ($199 for each .5 unit) to i School of the South. (Please make checks payable to i School of the South )See payment options..

Address:  i School of the South

                  P O BOX 55

                 Marion Jct Al 36759

(E) The  coordinator will then email the ISS instructor to proceed with the course only after payment has been posted by i School of the South.

(F) A GRADE REPORT(numerical) from the ISS instructor will be sent to the student’s school upon successful completion of the course.

(G) REFUND POLICY : A refund of the course tuition will be granted only if requested within 10 days of the registration date( the date payment was posted by ISS office as shown on the Spreadsheet)with no work submitted. $80.00 of your payment is administrative cost. This portion of your payment will not be refunded.

(H) ISS courses are not NCAA approved .

(I) By submitting payment you are agreeing to the stated policies.

(J) ISS monitors IP addresses to determine the origin and integrity of coursework. 

(K) Any correspondence posted that indicates disrespect in any matter towards any person affiliated with iSchool of the South will not be tolerated.